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The mini ROV mountable thickness gauge has been specifically designed to be mounted onto small inspection ROVs with or without a manipulator facility. The gauge will allow the operator to carry out thickness measurements in areas that have previously been unfeasible using large ROVs or divers, such as inside pipelines.
The unit is pressure tested to 500 m. Dedicated software displays the time, date and thickness measurements on the surface and all of these can be stored.

A tough underwater Ultrasonic Thickness gauge using our Multiple Echo technology, designed for use by divers undertaking subsea surveys. The instrument is rated to a depth of 300 m. The Cygnus 1 Underwater is supplied ready to use as a complete kit in a protective carry case with 2 rechargeable batteries.
           Welcome to Cygnus Instruments - for over 25 years the pioneers in developing digital multiple echo technology for material thickness measurement through coatings. With successful diversification, Cygnus now carries three ultrasonic product lines - thickness gauges, hatch cover leak detectors and industrial leak detectors.
           Cygnus manufactures ultrasonic thickness gauges which are employed in almost every industrial application around the world.
The models in our range include Intrinsically Safe for potentially explosive environments; Underwater for diver use; Hands Free for rope access applications; Data Logger for simple yet versatile logging of thickness measurements; General Purpose with large LCD display
and simple menu operation; ROV mountable series with optional probe handling solutions; and the extremely rugged Heavy Duty.
In addition to thickness gauges, Cygnus produces ultrasonic hatch cover leak detectors - Cygnus Hatch Sure for testing weather tightness of cargo hatch covers. The equipment provides a quick and effective method of evaluating hatch seals and aiding the prevention of sea water ingress.
           For industrial facility maintenance, Cygnus provides a range of ultrasonic leak detectors that locate leaks of compressed air, vacuum systems, steam traps and identify early signs of bearing wear.
Our ultrasonic products are simple to use and engineered to withstand harsh environments.